If It's About CPAs...
It's About Hudson Consulting Group

Our Mission

Hudson Consulting Group, LLC is focused on helping vendors and other organizations be more successful in serving the CPA marketplace.  Our understanding of the CPA profession is extensive and based upon years of diversified experience.  We undertake engagements assisting with broader business strategy, new product strategy, new product development and product management ... all focused on helping our clients achieve success within the CPA channel.

Our Approach

Sometimes change comes incrementally.  Other times it comes like a tsunami.  Hudson Consulting Group, LLC is committed to helping our clients continuously improve and change for success.  Sometimes we bring that change in a small way … other times we bring it with a bang … but always we bring it in a way that moves our clients forward.

We do this by:

  • collaborating with our clients...  We don't operate in a vacuum.  We work hard to understand our client's needs and expectations and apply our extensive experience to achieve the expected outcomes.
  • using only the most experienced professionals...  Our professionals and partners don't learn on the job.  Someone else paid for that much earlier in their careers.  HCG professionals provide subject matter expertise based upon years of experience.  They possess a commitment & passion towards solving a client problem with imagination and innovation but always with an eye towards achieving an efficient and practical implementation.
  • providing "real world" solutions...  Solving a problem is often the easiest part. Implementing a solution is what's tough.  Our solutions work and deliver results.

Our Promise

At Hudson Consulting Group, here's what we promise to all of our clients.
We will:

  • Only accept assignments we're qualified to perform.
  • Promise only the results we can reasonably achieve.
  • Only recommend the services needed.
  • Complete assignments in a timely fashion.
  • Produce the highest quality work.
  • Keep our clients informed of our activities.
  • Protect our clients' interests.
  • Guard our clients' information and keep it in confidence.
  • Establish fair and equitable fees.
  • Follow the ethics of our profession.
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